• Endream Effervescent Tablet

    As a health food of natural plant, it could balance the blood-fat and improve sleeping quality. It is an ideal health drink for the people of. 【Main Raw Materials】Ziziphus Jujuba, Fructus Mori, Pericarpium citri Reticulatae, Flos Chrysan

  • Joywin Effervescent Tablet

    As a kind of natural and health food specially designed for the patients of diabetes and hyperglycemia, it could balance the blood sugar, increase vigor and resist weariness. 【Main Raw Materials】Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, Fructus Crataegi,

  • American Ginseng Soft Capsules

    The Product is produced from primary raw material of American ginseng abstraction and wheat germ oil. It is demonstrated that the product has anti fatigued hygienical function by functional experiment. 【Main Ingredients】American Ginseng,

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