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   Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a national key high-tech enterprise. Founded and leaded by Wu Yiling, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Yiling Pharmaceutical sticks to the scientifc and technological innovations development strategy of taking science & technology as the guide and the market as the lead, sets up a unique five-in-one operation mechanism of “Theory,Clinical practices,Scientific research,Industry,Education” and a technical system for the R&D and innovation of new drugs following the guidance of TCM collateral disease theory innovation. The fve-in-one operation mechanism is highly recognized by the Ministry of Science & Technology of P.R.C. as the "Pioneering Industrialization of China TCM Science & Technology Achievement".



  Yiling Pharmaceutical has attracted a group of talented experts for scientifc research, management, production and marketing during its development, including returned scholars, foreign experts, Doctors, Masters and professionals with senior technical titles; and it serves as a Hebei Biology & Pharmacy Academicians Workstation and a Postdoctoral Science & Research Workstation approved by the Ministry of Personnel of P.R.C. as well as for cultivating Doctors and Masters of Hebei Medical University.



  Yiling Pharmaceutical promotes the industrialization of TCM with the innovation of collateral diseases theory and has researched and developed scientifc & technological TCM, western medicine and biologics with modern high-tech as well as more than 10 national patented new drugs covering such major fields as cardiac and cerebral blood disease, influenza and respiratory disease, tumor, diabetes mellitus. The TCM production lines authorized by GMP and production workshops of chemical agents authorized by EU have guaranteed high quality. Yiling Pharmaceutical, a national innovation enterprise, has been listed among the top 50 enterprises in the pharmaceutical industry in China and the Yiling trade mark has been recognized as a well known trade mark of China.

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